Agriculture still employs more than 1/5th of the world’s population.

Government, scientists, economists and farmers have always viewed farming as the fundamental of the economy. With the development in technology, developed and emerging nations have been quick to latch on to the best practices of the industry. We offer one of the best solutions for agriculture. Some of the prominent ones are maximizing crop efficiency, variability mapping, soil dehydration checking, crop & animal rotation.

We understand that soil, rainfall, humidity are defining parameters while deciding on an agricultural field. As such, our recommended solutions are based on these agro-ecological parameters. Farming has become highly mechanized and automated in the modern world. You would certainly want to make the most of the technology. The data on stress encountered by plants, additive/fertilizer effect on productivity can go a long way in rational resource allocation.

Triumfo boasts of deep expertise in agriculture software application development.

We also strictly adhere to the industry regulations and guidelines in compliance with the rule of the law.

Some of our recommended solutions are

Smarter irrigation

Rainfall is getting less predictable with every passing year. Some location receives excessive rainfall while the other is devastated with drought. Besides, there is also fluctuation depending on the month. We offer a smart irrigation solution where only the required amount of water is supplied to the crop through a system of pipes and knobs. Smart irrigation technology has the in-built intelligence to sense soil moisture, humidity & temperature to automatically execute smart irrigation features. There is a minimum or no loss of water using such technologies.

Livestock caring

Domesticated animals like cows, buffalos, sheep, goats, pigs, etc. are an important resource of food and clothes. It makes sense to take care of them for both moral and economic reasons. Our livestock caring solutions consists of sensors fitted to livestock bod. Sensors can monitor movement, detect excessive body heat, analyze breathe for any foreign disease and identify abnormal behavior. Based on live data, owners can make an informed decision correctly and promptly.

Automated tractor on the field

Tractor is definitely the most essential equipment in an agricultural field. It is used almost for every process of farming, starting from tilling soil for sowing seeds to harvesting the final crop. Our Automated tractor solution can take a considerable amount of loads from your soldier. It saves a lot of manual labor. The resources saved can be used for other productive purposes.

Automated harvesting

Harvesting is the most time consuming and labor intensive-process of farming. You need a considerable amount of resources to harvest a field of standard size. Our automated harvesting solution consists of bots that can perform operations with minimal human intervention. Deployment of bots results in less stress on labor and higher efficiency of harvesting. From a security perspective, it is also beneficial as it eliminated the chances of any snake bite or similar occupational hazards.

Genetically modified crops

As the world population grows, there is added pressure to provide sufficient food to the population. With limited land, there seems to be only one solution, to increase the per hectare yield. Genetic modification of crop technology has the answer to our looming problem. We can proudly say that we offer a genetic modified solution for greater yield.

Benefits of choosing us

  • Higher production: Using our range of agricultural solutions you can expect higher crop production from the same piece of land.
  • Reduced operational cost: Our automated solutions minimized the application of manual labor saving a lot of additional costs associated with paying extra people.
  • Accurate analysis: With an automated solution pesticide/ fertilizers the type of crops to be grown are much effectively evaluated. You will full details of soil temperature moisture and humidity.
  • Livestock monitoring: Monitoring cattle can be a frustrating task especially if you are short on human resources. Our sensor-based livestock monitoring solution can give you peace of mind with real-time monitoring of all the livestock.
  • Remote monitoring of field: With our state of art agricultural technology farmers can monitor and make changes without being physically present at the farm sites.

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