Banking Industry is the backbone of any modern economy. Health of any economy can be gauged by checking how its banking industry is performing

Banks in developed and emerging economy spends a considerable amount of total revenue on technology improvement. Philosophy of banking industry has changed from owner oriented to customer oriented. It has been a welcome change. Banks are spending on the latest technologies to deliver value proposition like never before. The idea behind migration to new technologies is devising method to overcome existing challenges. The obstacles could be in the form of outdated business models, the threat from new entrants, unconnected systems, and unorganized distribution channels

Some of the focus areas of technology has been mobile banking, automatic operation, 24*7 service, cyber-security, cost optimization, loyalty programs, mortgage lending, consumer loans and many more. We sit at the cusp of technology innovation in the banking industry. Our deep expertise to deliver banking industry solutions makes us the preferred choice.

Triumfo boasts of deep expertise in banking software application development.

We also strictly adhere to the industry regulations and guidelines in compliance with the rule of the law.

Our Banking Solutions

Combining multiple back offices

Our banking solution lets you operate a no. of back offices simultaneously to handle a heavy work load. Multiple physical back offices can be combined as a single virtual office to minimize cost, reduce time, increase productivity and efficiency and streamline the workflow.

Running a micro marketing campaign

Boosting revenue without increasing the cost on the customer end is a big challenge. Running a generic marketing campaign may not yield the desired result. It can lead to wasteful expenditure. We have specialized experience in running a micro-marketing campaign for our banking clients. Our solutions provide scalability advantage to micro marketing solution.

Payment Surveillance

Banks with a large no. of credit card customers urgently need a fraud detection mechanism. Machine learning algorithms applied on a large dataset of customers can accurately predict customers who are going to default based on demographic data and payment history of previous years. We offer one single platform for multiple tasks like data collection, processing, model building and real-time scoring.

Smoother customer journey

Our banking solutions can offer a personalized experience for customers. With our net banking or mobile banking solution, customers can check the account history, apply for a loan, participate in the loyalty program, contact with customer care, talk to a relationship manager and many more. The idea behind developing and deploying such a solution is to treat our customers like a king.

Business risk management

Equity, debt and commodity market has been undergoing nerve-wracking fluctuation for the last few years. Our solutions offer deep insight into the risk associated with each stock and commodity. Making use of our solution, customers can hedge themselves against unexpected risks and fluctuations.

Core banking solution

Our core banking solution has the capabilities, features and functionality to handle a range of operations from one single platform. Flexibility is one of the highlights of our core banking solution. With changing customer demands and trends, if you wish to change your business model, it will be a smooth task.

Benefits of choosing us

  • Business insights for smarter decisions: Banks have a massive amount of customer’s data. We have the capabilities to apply the right tools on such a huge volume of data and derive meaningful patterns. Customers with similar attributes can be clustered accordingly. With unique clusters interaction and communication become more precise and productive.
  • Seamless customer experience: Our core banking solutions allow integration between different channels. It ensures that the customer experience is user-friendly without any hindrance.
  • 99.99% Uptime: As the banking application experiences increased load there is a chance of downtime increasing. However that is not the problem with our core banking solution. It has been designed to withstand sufficient customer queries and load.
  • Use the cloud as a strategic asset: Aggressive market players are quick in dumping the traditional system and adopting cloud-based solution for serving the customers well. Our core banking solution can help you in migrating current infrastructure to public private or hybrid cloud and unlocking its potential benefits.

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