Eliminate risk of identity scam, add fool-proof security with Bio-metric software application.

Biometrics app has emerged as one of the most sought after solutions for organization looking forward to get rid of identity fraud.

Triumfo Techno is one of the leading providers of software products and application for biometrics and identity management. We cater to different industries like manufacturing, retail, finance, E-commerce etc.

Our Bio-metrics Software development Services

Our endeavor is to bolster organization security with the development of bio-metric finger print software and time attendance tracking applications to eliminate the risk of hacking and unexpected intrusion. Our biometric software development services consists of

Recommended Solutions

Biometric Identification

Resort to intelligent and reliable software solution for holistic biometric identification and de-duplication with smooth implementation of face, fingerprint and iris recognition. User can also generate bio-metric performance report and high performing algorithm from third party service providers.

Web browser based biometrics Solutions

Cloud based biometric Identification: Using our cloud based solutions, user can enjoy the benefits of the fingerprint and face image verification. There is also matching and registration functionality to improve identity system.

Mobile Biometric Substantiation

For industry use, we have developed mobile biometric substantiation solution covering biometric match and fraud detection data with efficient use of face and voice recognition feature. The solutions as a mobile app can also be used for security authorization which validates driver licenses and passports. There is also the feature of spoof-resilient biometric facial identification between the live and printed pictures.

SDKs based biometric identification

Our team has developed a cutting edge SDKs based biometric software that can be configured for streamlining a current system for an application, database, computing platform and operative setting.

Why to choose Biometrics software development solution

  • Identity verification: Make use of the govt. allocated ID and selfie images to cross verify the identity of individuals.
  • Integrated anti-spoofing protection: Eliminate the risk of spoofing from fraudsters and tricksters with face live detection software application.
  • Cross platform portability: User can enroll at the click of a button through a web cam and identity can be verified later on through a new device.
  • Stronger than Passwords KBA and SMS-Based Multi-factor Authentication: Biometric face recognition algorithm are much more reliable compared to passwords multi-factor authentication and other security codes.
  • Optimized user Experience: Experience innovative intuitive and user friendly features on multiple channels with additional layer of security.
  • Multichannel authentication: Our authentication software supports both native iOS and android mobile platforms and web applications.
  • Lightning fast Authentication: Authentication is done within seconds with a definite match/no match results.

Our solutions to your business problems

We offer top of the line bio-metrics solution for business problem of today and tomorrow. Adopt our offered solution and eliminated risk of identity theft.