Rapid consumerism shifted the attention and focus of companies to demand, taste and preferences of customers.

In the age of fluid brand loyalty, it is imperative to keep an update about the customer’s demand. Traditionally, CRM (customer relationship management) software was considered to be the exclusive domain of sales, marketing and related fields. However, with emerging trends and businesses, it started finding application across various industries. We are one of the leading developers of CRM software for our clients and customers. Our CRM solutions will help you in driving operational efficiency, boosting revenue and sales, analyzing customer trends, collecting valuable customer feedback and analyzing customer’s data.

Our subject matter experts will get in touch with you and understand the strength and weaknesses of your businesses. Depending on your requirements, we conceive and deliver customized CRM software solutions.

CRM Industry Software development Services

Our endeavor is to bolster organization security with the development of CRM software and time attendance tracking applications to eliminate the risk of hacking and unexpected intrusion. Our CRM software development services.

Our Recommended solutions

Marketing automation solutions

Our marketing automation solutions allow our clients to efficiently target the end customer and convert a potential customer into buyer through a personalized web landing page, promotional emails and product offerings. CRM software allows automation of marketing processes based on past customer data and interest.

Sales automation

Sales CRM has been in existence for a fairly long period of time. In spite of many developments, automation of sales process remains an incomplete task. We have plugged the holes and developed a complete sales CRM for our clients. It helps sales representatives to look deeper into the available data and automate many routine tasks for superior customer experience.

Solutions for small businesses

Small businesses drive a great number of sales and revenue for a company. To make the small businesses further grow, we offer customized CRM solutions. It enables automating sales and marketing activities for delivering superior customer value. Besides, the software drives operational efficiency with its seamless collaboration and reporting.

Revenue analytics solutions

Revenue from the existing business is an important studying parameter. Manually analyzing it may not produce meaningful insights and patterns. However, our revenue analytics solutions proactively monitor important metrics to alert about upcoming issues or opportunities. The software also monitors the constant change in metrics for predicting unpredictable events.

Streamline relationship intelligence

Our CRM solution expands the customer relationship horizon by collecting data from various sources. The sources could be social media, news and businesses. The input information needed is only the name and emails of customers. The software also eliminates the need for manual entry and unlock extra time for focusing on leads and customers.

Email and calendar integration

For sales and service, email and calendar are some of the most frequently used tools. Our CRM solution allows integration of Email and calendar for better operational performances. Using the CRM software, a lot of manual operation is made redundant as users can filter important data on the surface.

Why choose us?

  • Greater customer knowledge: CRM solution offers all the relevant information on a single platform. This allows us to explore the customer data and derive important knowledge for future purposes.
  • Clear segmentation: Segmentation is essential for targeting customers. Our CRM software solution allows clustering customer data into different segments. Once the segmentation is done it is easy to run a planned promotional campaign.
  • Higher customer retention: With a streamlined marketing and promotional campaign being run chances of customer retention are higher. A targeted promotional campaign impresses the customer and develops brand loyalty.
  • Flawless communication: Automated software solution makes for a flawless campaign. Users can schedule the communication at a specific date and time. In case the schedule is missed the event will be flagged and the user will know well in advance.

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