Education and E-learning


Technology has tremendously helped the learning process for both students and teachers in the past decades.

Still, this is only the start. As more digital innovations surround the industry, it will be a welcome change for all participants. Covid-19 has further reinforced the needs for e-learning and virtual classrooms. With digital technology, the geographical barriers between teachers and students have been broken forever. We take great pride in projecting ourselves as one of the best Education and E-learning solution provider. Some of our area of expertise are learning management system, virtual classrooms, online examination system, online video tutorial management solutions, school management system and many more.

We have subject matter experts for different solutions. Depending on your organization, your requirement may vary. We deliver customized solution as per your understanding and future needs.

Education and E-learning Software development Services

Our endeavor is to bolster organization security with the development of Education and E-learning software and time attendance tracking applications to eliminate the risk of hacking and unexpected intrusion. Our Education and E-learning software development services.

Our recommended solutions

Virtual classroom solutions

Our virtual classroom solutions adds a new dimension to distant learning. You can find all the necessary setting and features for an effective and uninterrupted content delivery. Convenience is the most important factor in a virtual classroom and you will find that here for sure.

Online examination system

Conducting an online examination is definitely less hassle free for administrator, invigilator and students. Moreover, there is also less chance of malpractices. We provide online examination solution for schools, universities and competitive examinations.

Campus recruitment solution

One of the unique solutions that we offer is a campus recruitment one. The recruitment system provides customized, seamless and effective operations for large and small colleges and deemed universities.

Mobile application solutions

With rapid penetration of smartphones, education has also become mobile. Students can lean from the recorder lecture stored on the apps, check on assessment and assignments. We offer an impressive range of mobile apps solution for our clients. Functionality and performance of our educational app solution will definitely strike a chord with you.

Video tutorial management solution

There is a service gap between servicer provider and receiver in education industry also. Although we like to believe that the gap doesn’t exist. With the traditional approach of imparting education, teacher and pupil are inseparable. Our video tutorial management solution addresses that shortcoming. Our video tutorial of recorder lecture session can be accessed with just an internet connection anywhere from a single platform.

Online school management solution

As a matter of fact, the entire work processes of schools, colleges and universities can be migrated to digital solutions. From attendance management to course preparation, classroom lectures, paper evaluation, result publication and finally parents-teachers meeting can be handled from one signal centralized platform.

Why choose us?

  • Cost-effective: Our digital solutions are definitely value for money. Our solutions can be accesses as one or different modules depending on your choice. We have designed our solutions keeping all sections of industry in mind.
  • Quality delivery: We take pride in delivering high quality solutions for our clients and customers. In case there is a minor or major issue there is always a customer care team on standby for addressing the problems.
  • Subject matter experts: All our solutions are designed and developed by a team of subject matter experts. This is to ensure that solutions are not only robust in terms f technology but also the subject matter content and delivery.
  • Productive relationship: We treat our clients and customer as our family. We listen to your problem empathize with them understand them and then only recommend a solution.

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