Energy & Utilities


Energy & Utilities has been at the forefront of technical innovation for the last few decades.

The whole process of energy generation, transmission and distribution has witnessed rapid improvement. From smart grids to automated transmission and distribution centers, the industry has changed for good. As the customers keep getting more and more demanding, it’s time to impress them like never before. Triumfo energy & utility solutions boast of original innovation and implementation. We strongly suggest trying our range of solutions for Energy & utility industry.

Our utilities have been conceived keeping the existing challenges in consideration to better business strategies, technical effectiveness and operating performances. Utilities have the capabilities to lower operating expenses by up to 20% and reduce environment footprint. Hence, our dedicated focus on utilities. Besides, from the customer point of view, it will only improve the customer experience.

Triumfo boasts of deep expertise in energy & utilities software application development.

We also strictly adhere to the industry regulations and guidelines in compliance with the rule of the law.

Our Recommended solution

Pro-actively monitor outages & infrastructure damages

Due to effect of the global warming erratic weather is becoming a norm. Rough weather causes severe damage to energy infrastructure with longer power outages. Our solutions can help you predict in advance such outages based on predictive analytics tools thus minimizing disruption and optimizing recovery operations.

Smart metering solutions

Our smart metering solution automates the task of collecting and analyzing metering information. The data analyzed provides interesting insights into customer usage. When the grid experience high stress, solution proves useful for understanding customer usage and make an informed decision rather than guessing and arriving at a conclusion. Some of the benefits of smart metering solutions are better customer service, streamlined operations and lesser cost through integrated data management.

Higher security

One of the great risks that utility grids experiences is from cyber-attacks. It can be one of the worst possible scenarios. The cost of security could go in billions of dollars. Our digital utility security solution ensures that your existing infrastructure is secure from such cyber-attacks.

IOT Solutions

Our IOT solutions allow for an interconnected network of energy and utility devices. The connected network provides monitoring, automation and real-time information for predictive analytics of the complete system. We have proven expertise in developing a robust solution for supporting growing no. of devices and ever-increasing data.

Converged infrastructure solution

Workforce in Energy & Utilities industry have a mobile workforce that needs constant access to application and data. Our converged infrastructure solutions leverage virtual desktop infrastructure to enable seamless application delivery without any concerted effort. Our solution built on the concept of virtual desktop infrastructure ensures strong performance, scalability and a delightful user-experience.

Heat recovery solutions

A tremendous amount of heat is released in the industrial set up from by-products like gases and fluids. The energy is released into environment having a harmful effect. Our heat recovery solution can capture the energy released from such by-products. Heat recovery happens based on air-preheat whr, closed loop whr, flue has whr or high particulate systems. Our Thermo-magnetic motor technology converts low-temperature waste heat into electricity.

Why Choose Us?

  • Reduced cost: Our energy management solutions allow you to significantly reduce utilities cost across the board including cooling heating lighting and water. All the data are collected in a central repository for future cost optimization and analysis.
  • Greater facility performance: With reduced costs for same amount of energy additional resources can be allocated to other areas of facility. This allows for better performance from other areas resulting in improved facility performance.
  • Higher ROI: With our energy management solutions boasting of cost-saving features like emitting lower power during peak time revenue generation is facilitated. There are also options to identify energy leaks. Based on these features it is more likely to return an impressive ROI on initial investment.
  • Asset Management: The whole energy & utility infrastructure is connected on a network. The data is continuously collected and analyzed for predictive analytics. With constant data monitoring fault with any utilities can be identified pro-actively and rectified.

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