Finance Industry has definitely come a long way in the last 100 years.

It is no longer restricted to only borrowing and lending activities. Nowadays, technology has helped to innovate a variety of service products which offers superior value to customers. Trading in sovereign and corporate bonds, equity, commodities etc. can be done from the comfort of your home or offices. Complex algorithm on the market can forecast with accurate probabilities the future price of security market. We have always been at the forefront of financial innovation. We offer a range of finance solution for our customers. Some major ones are digital infrastructure for existing system, migration from legacy app, distributed ledger technology and many more.

Our subject matter experts will hold extensive consultation with your team and try to understand the specific requirements. Based on the requirements, we will develop tailor made solution for you.

Triumfo boasts of deep expertise in finance software application development.

We also strictly adhere to the industry regulations and guidelines in compliance with the rule of the law.

Our recommended solutions

Cloud infrastructure solution

Financial services requires a reasonable IT infrastructure. If the revenue from the services does not meet your expectations, it may impact your bottom line. We possess capabilities to build and deliver virtual cloud infrastructure for your businesses. The cloud solution will support all the necessary features and functionality. It results in reducing infrastructure cost and down time. As a result, user experience is positive and engaging.

Distributed Ledger technology Solution

Concept of blockchain technology is revolutionizing the financial transaction in the modern world. We take pride in delivering Distributed Ledger technology Solutions for our clients and customers. The solution helps in boosting security and adding transparency for loan management/payment processing system.

Analytics and forecasting solution

Past data generated from the customer end can be a treasure trove if analyzed perfectly. We offer analytics and forecasting solutions for our clients. Productive business insights can be derived from the reporting system that helps in making data driven business decision using technologies like AI/Machine Learning and Big Data technologies. Credit evaluation and risk analysis are some of the application area of our Analytics and forecasting solution.

CRM solutions

Any services or solution in digital age has to be customer centric. A happy customer can have multiplier effect with his word of the mouth potential. Our CRM solutions can be a welcome change for your customers with its personalized approach, data integration services and marketing solutions. Customer engagement will surely see an improvement with adoption of our CRM solutions.

Flexible architecture

Businesses todays are very dynamic. You need to be on your toes for making a quick change. Changes could be in terms of technology or increase/decrease of customer traffic. Our flexible software solutions allow you that luxury. You can add or remove features/functionality depending on your current requirements.

Apps solution for user interface

An exciting user-interface goes a long way in cementing your brand in customer’s mind. We offer app solution both for mobile and web to serve your customer pro-actively. Smoothness, design and navigation of user interface is exciting to say the least. Customers are bound to come again and again. Interface facilitates easy information sharing without any ambiguity.

Why choose us?

  • Omni-channel presence: Our digital solutions will make your brand visible in all the channels. Brick and mortar are a traditional channel and you would certainly want to stamp your mark in the digital space. We would be more than happy to assist you.
  • Seamless integration: our software solution can easily integrate with our legacy system so that data and information are seamlessly transferred to the new system.
  • Risk management: our analytics and forecasting solution will always take care of your unhedged risk. A red flag will be generated when the risk is above the tolerance level for financial and regulatory compliance risk.
  • Automation: Our solutions will automate the entire business process for employees as well as end user. Result of automation will be higher productivity and efficiency.

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