GIS (Geographical Information System)


Resort to GIS application and expand your business horizon.

Our team has come up with an intelligent GIS app for geospatial and geographical data. Using the GIS app, real time data can be collected for organization asset & equipment, users and delivery boys. The collected data can be further analyzed for useful business insights. Once the insight is developed, appropriate measures can be taken to boost efficiency and optimize the work flow.

Triumfo has a deep expertise in GIS based application development for fetching geographical and spatial data to be used by business users.

Our team with in-depth knowledge of the GIS technology can help in development of an effective GIS mapping solution. The aforementioned solution is integrated with Google maps for tracking exact location through customizable legend symbol, polygon marker with titles and standard cartographic functions.

Our customized GIS application can help in framing better strategy and result in unmatched efficiency.

Our suite of GIS application development Services.

We endeavor to strengthen organization with a holistic implementation of GIS app solution for improving the business process workflow, data and system management, customer relationship management etc.

Recommended Solutions

GIS application development services

Our team can create customizable GIS app for performing simple to complex task like mapping, layering, geographical analysis, spatial analysis, data collection & compiling, thematic visualization and geo-processing.

Field Service apps

This app can help your organization to keep track of field employees, location explicit events, delivery route, dispatch operation and other important assets.

Geo fencing location based apps

Geo fencing is another game changing feature of our location based apps. Geo-fencing solutions allows confined search operation on devices with pre-defined parameters for specific services of users. Our geo-tagging software with customized module can be integrated with photo applications & remote sensing devices.

Fleet Routing and Tracking apps

Worried about increasing fuel and fleet management cost. Try our app and get feature like satellite view and monitoring, fuel management, driver assignments, sensor integration, customized labelling, innovative security provisions.

GIS Mapping Software Development

Leverage our GIS mapping software development solution for visualizing spatial and geographical data. Solution will help in building decision support system for actionable insights. The mapping software is geographically rich that includes geographical and spatial queries, internet based mapping, GPS support, surface analysis, drive time bands and territories, shortest route, geographical overlay etc.

GIS Mobile app integration

Our team can design and deliver server centric mobile GIS based application for synchronizing maps and data unswervingly with a GIS server. The solution supports both engaged and disengaged application.

Why you should choose us?

  • Mobility Support: With the increasing penetration of mobile phones the mobility aspect has gone to unprecedented level. Our developed GIS application allows for customized editing on smartphones.
  • Smart Analytics: Our GIS application provides a great degree of flexibility for sub-setting relevant information and evaluation of time-series data. User can easy to comprehend visualization for making sense of the filter data.
  • Interoperability and data management: Data collected through GIS application may become outdated and obsolete over a period of time. It is important to keep the data updated. Our GIS applications has the capabilities to receive and provide data from other sources to keep everything updated.