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Golang is a next-generation synchronized programming language for managing complex and simple tasks without a significant change in effort.

Irrespective of the size of the organization, Golang programming language can be efficiently used for easy and structured storage, distributed or grid computing, massive database formation, web-based music applications, online game development and many more. You will be glad to know that in a very short span of time, we have developed expertise in conceiving and delivering web and mobile apps using Golang technology.

Our team of subject matter experts hold extensive consultations with the stakeholders for understanding the underlying business problems and recommending a solution. Our Golang developers can efficiently handle APIs for mobile app development and related web based projects.

Our Golang development services

Our endeavor is to bolster organization security with the development of Golang development software and time attendance tracking applications to eliminate the risk of hacking and unexpected intrusion. Our Golang development services.

Our Golang development services

Golang AI/ML app development

Recognizing the upcoming trends and potential of AI/ML, our team of Golang developers can wonder for your businesses by building cutting –edge Golang AI/ML app solutions. Requests from the user can be automatically identified and appropriate response can be sent back using the prowess of technology.

Synchronized app development

Synchronized app development and multi-threading poses some problems with other programming languages. However, using tools and techniques of Golang development, our team of developers makes it easy to handle such issues. In-build concurrency is the prime feature of Golang that can be achieved by implementing Go-routines and channels.

Multi-faceted cloud-app development

Cloud app development saves time, money and resources by minimizing the need for physical IT infrastructure. Our team of developer possesses capabilities for cloud portability. We are equally adept at developing multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions using Go Cloud.

Golang web app development

If you are looking for enterprise grade web app for your organization, we are the right fit. We have a deep expertise in implementing APIs led integration service for businesses with its features of object-oriented and concurrent.

Support and maintenance services

: To make your business app running without any interruption, support and maintenance services become necessary. We have a team of technicians and engineers on a 24*7 standby to provide the required support and maintenance services to customers and clients.

Our react native consultancy services

  • Auto-garbage collection: Garbage collection or automatic memory management is one of the defining features of Golang programming language. Users have a lot of control over memory allocation helping in overall efficiency. Latency time is reduced by using the features of concurrency using mark and sweep algorithm.
  • Scalability: As the business grows the load on application also increases. In a normal scenario many smaller sub-tasks need to be handled by delivering HTML pages to browser. Golang programming language accomplishes such tasks using the feature of concurrency. Hence scalability is definitely one of the important and go to a factor of this programming language.
  • Simplicity: Go programming language has a very limited specs document making it easy to go through with prior programming knowledge. The language is easy to read and write both.
  • Concepts of pointers: Concepts of pointers is an important and enriching feature of the Go programming language. Address of variables is stored using pointers and operations performed. However it does not support arithmetic operations like C/C++ for incrementing or decrementing memory addresses of the variables. This enables GO in memory management.

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