As with other industries, the insurance industry has also been undergoing rapid change for the last few years.

Traditional business model cannot sustain for a long period of time. Customer’s demand are getting complex every passing day. There is a need for constant innovation and rediscovering of the wheel. In the shifting paradigm, connected insurance, use based premium and digital underwriting are gaining prominence. We offer some unique solutions for the insurance industry in the form of claim optimization, customer experience management, underwriting profitability, operational efficiency and distribution effectiveness. Our expertise covers the entire insurance value chain including vendors, intermediaries, carriers and regulators.

Our digital solutions are ideal to add required value as the industry battles stringent regulatory norms in an atmosphere of high risk and low interest. Matching stride for stride with customers is the only way to remain profitable and significant.

Triumfo boasts of deep expertise in insurance software application development.

We also strictly adhere to the industry regulations and guidelines in compliance with the rule of the law.

Our Recommended solutions

Traditional system migration

With changing customer’s tastes and preferences, there may arise a need to migrate to a new platform or technology. Our insurance solutions allow that seamlessly without affecting any current operation. We have a brilliant track record of migrating several insurance system including underwriting and claim systems and policy administration to meet specific business needs.

Connected insurance

Traditional insurance revenue models is going through diminishing returns. It’s time to explore some new and innovative revenue space. Our connected insurance solution enables such possibilities by connecting homes, cars and enterprises.

Claim Efficiency & loss prevention solutions

Smoothly managing claim issues of the customer goes a long way in communicating the right message to end customers. We have a customer-oriented solution for faster claim management and remedial solutions.

Faster Under-writing service

Our risk intelligent solution has the capability to provide faster underwriting services while minimizing risks for your customers and institutions.

Distribution and customer service solution

Our customer service solution makes uses the advantages and benefits of data analytics. Data analysis on the customers reveals interesting patterns about a customer. Using a dedicated approach for separate clusters of the customer allows serving the customer efficiently.

Benefits of choosing us

  • Easy integration: Our software can be easily integrated with your existing websites price comparison sites and rating engine technology.
  • Flexibility in scaling: Our installed software can be easily scaled up or down as per changing demands of customers. In essence our developed system works around business instead of other way around.
  • Automation: We have the expertise to automate the entire business processes. In case you want partial automation that facility is also available.
  • Accurate results: Result of analytical tools applied to the raw data set is as good as neatness of the input data. However we have devised a way to filter and detect the inaccurate input data to make the final result more robust.
  • Cloud-based services: we offer our software solutions both on cloud and your private server. The choice is yours depending on scale and size of business.