Law Enforcement


Adopt a powerful police app for strict, efficient and pro-active policing.

Law enforcement has become a challenging task in today’s world. Government and agencies world over are grappling with the problem. Understanding the need, Triumfo has developed digital solution in the form of mobile and web app for curbing the menace of theft, robbery and other dangerous crimes. Our solution also helps in ensuring officer safety, increasing agency compliance and improving workforce productivity.

Our suite of police app for law enforcement development services

Being a leading app developer company for law enforcement, we specialized in delivering a platform that is scalable, robust yet easy to use.

Recommended Solutions

Time and attendance tracking apps

Our team of developers has introduced a very exciting features for the app in the form of time and attendance tracking. Leveraging bio-metrics like iris, voice and finger print app solution, detainee time and attendance can be managed smoothly.

Infinite user customization options

App supports great degree of flexibility. User can make changes such as adding and removing customized icon and images to application by leveraging infinite user customization option.

Intelligent Management System

The intelligent dashboard contains the feature to upgrade the apps from anywhere and anytime. The in-built messaging app has all the social media platform integrated to it for an easy connect.

Unmatched Customer Support

Our approach is different from competitors when it comes to customer support. We don’t let our guards down after sale is completed. Our support team are available 24/7 to resolve your query related to web or mobile app.

Computer aided dispatch Solutions

Computer aided dispatch solutions are integrated to the police app for stricter law enforcement. Once the integration is complete, safety agencies can send immediate information about the location based incident to concerned patrolling or police officers.

Pre-configured menu items

Our app has many pre-configured items for law enforcement. The pre-configured menu items are built to match your unique requirements. In case, there are any changes to be made, our team will get on to it immediately.

Why should you choose us?

There's no other place where you can find better quality with a more reasonable price.

  • Push Notifications: For user and customer attention the app has a very cool feature of push notification button. Once the button is pressed the message is delivered immediately.
  • Crime alerts: Instant alerts can be sent to the concerned person in the specific location. Matter could be related to active case most wanted person missing person and illegal activities along with attached photo and GPS location.
  • Message Centre: The app has a dedicated message center integrated into it. It ensures that alert messages get stored that can be read by user as per suitability and on multiple devices.
  • 3rd party integration: Not satisfied with existing operation our team can make it better by integrating other websites tools or other important online resources.