Oil & Gas Industry


Price volatility has never been so visible in the oil & gas industry.

As the industry grapple with problems like alternative energy solutions, price pressure, strict government and environmental regulations, the need for an alternative and efficient business model calls for immediate attention. We have conceived and developed efficient solutions for the industry across the value chain and supply chain. Our innovative solutions can be applied equally efficiently for upwards, midstream and downward activities. Adopting our digital solution enables you to steer ahead of the competitors by making data-driven decisions. Business decisions backed up by advanced analytics eliminated the risk and uncertainty associated with unreliable and volatile political, economic, social and technological factors.

Our team of experts hold extensive consultation with clients and understand the core strength and underlying problems. Based on the problem definition, we deliver personalized and customized solutions for our clients and customers.

Oil & Gas Industry Software development Services

Our endeavor is to bolster organization security with the development of Oil & Gas Industry software and time attendance tracking applications to eliminate the risk of hacking and unexpected intrusion. Our Oil & Gas Industry software development services.

Our Recommended solutions

Emergency Management solution

For emergency management activities, we provide a centralized global platform for our clients. There is a comprehensive framework for dealing with such unwanted situations in terms of organization preparedness and incident management. Framework ensures that there is no panic.

Fleet management

Fleets of ships and other logistics vehicles are the prime assets of the oil & gas industry. Our fleet management solution allows optimization of fleet operations, reduce risk, increases security with real-time GPS tracking. Besides, the solutions have the capabilities to identify vehicle diagnostic parameters and real-time monitoring of fleet movement and drivers.

Leak detection Solution

Leakage from a faulty oil & gas pipeline can prove to be a disaster for concerned stakeholders. It is extremely vital to proactively identify and plug such leaks from the pipeline. Leaked oil and gas is also extremely detrimental from the ecological perspective. We have solutions for predictive maintenance of worn pipelines through smart/intelligent wear & tear prediction.

Sub-surface digitalization

Our sub-surface digitalization solution includes digitalizing the documents and unlocking a vast amount of physical data. Extra emphasis is on lab reports, seismic logs etc.

Advanced maintenance of plant equipment

: Faulty and sub-standard equipment are the main reason for catastrophe in a majority of cases. Our solutions help in monitoring the working status of installed equipment and suggesting changes based on performance and real-time data available on the network.

Terminal automation solution

Try our integrated terminal automation solution and make your product handling process efficient and fool-proof. The process is holistic and includes reception to distribution.

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