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End customers are looking for applications (both mobile and web) that has fast load time, zero defect, smooth functionality, easy installation, secured and high performing. Any shortcomings on these parameters will make your app less attractive. Considering the above factor in mind, we provide our ingenious QA (Quality assurance) and testing service to our clients. For seamless customer experience, we test the developed application on all the parameters to make it compliant.

We have an impeccable impression in delivering quality assurance services to our clients to ensure that applications are market ready before being released in the market. QA and testing is a continuous process for us and it is applied to every module of app development. Constant testing provides the necessary checks and balance to the application development and testing process.

We offer a range of QA and testing services. Some of them have been listed below:

QA and Testing Services

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Automation testing

Our development team applies automation tools like continuous integration, agile and Develops for testing the functionality of software to be used. Suite of automated testing is extremely agile in identifying the problem area when the application goes for future enhancements.

Responsive testing

To ensure that developed application is compatible with all platforms and multiple devices responsive testing is performed by a team of well qualified experts. Responsive testing can be performed exhaustively on desktop, mobile or tablet/iPads.

Performance testing

By employing the method of load stress testing, we evaluating the breaking point of software by simulating for different no. of users and queries. Based on the limit that the software application can withstand, we recommend steps to fulfil the necessary user requirements.

Isolation testing

Isolating testing is one of the unique features. Devil lies in details, we follow the popular saying and isolate the code in smaller parts for identifying any potential issue in the code and eventually application. Focus on minute details and testing helps in solving the underlying issue.

Configuration testing

Software can perform with different efficiency depending on back end configuration. Our team tries and test the software application with all configuration on our own lab. Depending on its performance with different configuration combination, we recommend appropriate changes.

Functionality testing

We do meticulous functional testing on the software application for its robustness, security, uninterrupted operation and high performance. A well performed functionality testing goes a long way in launching an optimum software applications.

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