Real Estate


Real estate industry has gone through its ups and downs in the last decades.

Customer tastes and preferences have changed with changing times. Before selecting a property, customers nowadays expect a virtual tour on his mobile or laptops. Technology has acted as an important intermediary between buyers and sellers. We can proudly say that we offer some of the best solutions for the real estate industry. Some of the challenges facing the industry are protecting the financial information of customers and vendors, exchanging sensitive information with buyers, sellers and banks, separating the network for guest and staff access and many more.

We can assure you that we will understand the specific business needs and offer tailor- made solutions to increase your productivity and efficiency. Our digital innovations will penetrate all spheres of real estate development with a mind-blowing result for all the stakeholders.

Real Estate Software development Services

Our endeavor is to bolster organization security with the development of Real Estate software and time attendance tracking applications to eliminate the risk of hacking and unexpected intrusion. Our Real Estate software development services.

Our Recommended Solutions

MLS (Multiple listing services) platform solution

We have great expertise in developing and maintaining MLS platform solutions. The solutions have the capability to provide advanced logical search by making use of third-party API’s such as, Trulia etc.

Property management Solutions

We can design and develop a property management system leveraging APIs from a platform such as Propertyware, Guesty and Rent Manager. Property management system can handle loads from the different property and includes cloud architecture with automation tools.

IDX integration solution

Our IDX integration solution allows us to integrate of multiple listing services into CRM. IDX stands for internet data exchange and is essential for a fast-paced real estate environment.

Accurate valuation software

Accurate analysis of a large no. of listed properties is a big challenge nowadays. Our customized software solution with an advanced algorithm will make your task easier by accurately valuing a large no. of properties in a very short span of time. The valuation data can prove useful for buyers, sellers, customers, developers and regulatory bodies also.

Dedicated software solution for real estate agency

The requirement of real estate agency is a little different from real estate developers. Understanding the specific needs, we have come up with an automated solution that helps in streamlining and optimizing the entire business process. Marketing, operation and contact management activities can be handled from a single platform of multiple offices.

Building management solution

We are quite cutting-edge when it comes to building management. Our cloud-based building management solution allows to efficiently manage assets located at different physical locations. Some of the stand out features are live inventory tracking, preventive and reactive maintenance.

Why choose us?

  • Eliminate middleman dependency: Our solution cuts the middle man from the process and brings customer directly to you. As a result you also have first-hand information about the expectations of customers.
  • Save cost and time: manual operation and monitoring of real estate assets can be a daunting task. However with adoption of technology and data sharing only necessary action is taken and that too at the right time. This results in saving of both cost and time.
  • Enforce brand equity: You don’t want your brand real estate brand to look old fashioned and out of sync with the market. Rapid moves towards digitalization with our innovative solution can enforce your brand equity and appeal to new-age customers.
  • Process simplification: With our cutting-edge real estate solution process at every stage is simplified take the case of a mobile app customers can search property as per various filter which fits their requirement. There is also a 360° virtual tour of selected property from various angles. In a way customers have already made the decision while navigating through the app before finalizing the actual deal. Whole process of buying and selling gets extremely simplified.

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