Restaurants have always been an integral part of urban lifestyle.

From swanky ones to plain ones each has its own set of customers. To make the restaurants more appealing, technology has always been from the beginning. Now like never before, technology has completely changed the way we dine at restaurants. Our restaurant solution comprises of online booking, tablet POS hardware, order/delivery app, E-mail marketing service, customer loyalty software and many more.

Customers demand are changing across industry. Same is the case with the restaurant industry also. From self-servicing kiosk to robotic chefs, industry is being innovate at unprecedented level. Our proven expertise in restaurant industry will help you to adopt the latest technology and increase your value proposition for customers. With modern services, appeal of the brand will remain intact in existing and new customer base.

Restaurant Software development Services

Our endeavor is to bolster organization security with the development of restaurant software and time attendance tracking applications to eliminate the risk of hacking and unexpected intrusion. Our restaurant software development services.

Our Recommended Solutions

Food delivery app

Delivery app is the quickest way to make a mark for yourself and shed the ‘me-too” approach. As people get more and more busy with their life and job, time to dine at restaurant becomes a rare commodity. They expect a delivery service within a very quick time. Hence, it makes sense to have a dedicated delivery app for customers. We specializing in delivering food delivery app for our customers. With our customer centric app, slew of orders can be taken and processed without facing any server issue.

E-mail marketing campaign

In a hyper competitive environment, it is necessary to keep your customer engaged with marketing campaign. E-mail marketing company is the most common tool. We offer e-mail marketing campaign solutions for adding new customers and retaining existing ones. Through our e-mail solutions, you can share updates, notify customers of upcoming sales and offer promotion. We can also add analytical tools to mail campaign solution for monitoring the customer’s response on the executed campaign.

Customer loyalty programs

Ideally, any industry would want to reward its customers. However, there is not an organized plan to execute loyalty programs. We have an ingenious customer loyalty program solution for our clients and customers. Our loyalty programs integrated easily with the pos and collects the necessary data. The loyal customers are rewarded certain points based on their transaction. The points collected can be redeemed when it reaches a certain point after accumulation. Our loyalty programs have a different variation where the rewards are customized for different customers.

Efficient inventory tracking

Inventory tracking and management is a difficult task with the traditional way of doing business. Important assets of the restaurants can be managed and monitored quickly and efficiently with our digital inventory management system. Our inventory tracking solution allows the employees to track fast-moving items in real-time. All the items are updated on a regular basis as they get filled or emptied.

Virtual Reality onboarding

Keeping the employees trained and motivated is one of the prime challenges of restaurant industry. Our virtual reality solution makes use of the combination of HR and VR. Employees get a 360° view of the real situation in a simulation game where they learn to conduct themselves when the real situation arises. It is an effective method of training without the requirement of any physical tutoring.

Kiosk/tabletop tablets

This is our latest point of sales technology. Once the customer is seated at a table, they can select and order the food for themselves without the requirement for any restaurant employees. Payment can also be made by the customer on their own. The solution helps in focusing on back end customer services rather than front end repetitive task. There are also options for suggesting cross-selling and up-selling based on menu ordered.

Why choose us?

  • Efficient business operation: Our automation solution for the restaurant industry makes the system more efficient and streamlined. Right from the table booking to menu selection and customer experience every process is smooth and delightful for you.
  • Top customer service: Our restaurant solution ensures that customer is always the no. 1 priority. With inventory management tools you know the current status of every menu and don’t make a false commitment to ordering customers.
  • Higher profit: Our tech-enabled solutions will surely make your system more efficient and productive. Revenue and profit will definitely soar in medium to long run.
  • Motivated employee: Adopting our tech-based solution is sure to motivate your existing employee. Technology ensures that employees are able to achieve the desired results with the same amount of effort.

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