AI/Machine Learning


Customer demands are ever evolving and changing. To serve your customer delightfully, ideas, tools and technology need to be cutting edge and path breaking. Obsolete technology may lead to customer switching loyalty. Triumfo allows businesses and firms the best of latest tools and technology. Our AI/Machine learning services can personalize customer experience and automate business processes. Algorithm used at the back end provides valuable insight into customer behavior, short term and long term trends, risk analysis, sentiment analysis, cluster pattern etc.

Being the leading AI/Machine Learning service provider, we specializes in developing custom made solution to meet business requirement and accomplish higher productivity & efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions Provider

We are the leading AI/Machine Learning development company catering to different industry and projects.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

There is always a service gap between what customer wants and market offering. Our natural language processing allows you to decipher and understand unstructured data using powerful text analytics. Algorithm applied helps in identifying meaningful patterns and trends which can be further used for important decision making.

Insightful analysis

Business problem can be visible or non-visible. Identifying and addressing non-visible problems is the challenging task. Our AI/Machine Learning solutions dives deep into the pool of generated data and derive meaningful patter, trend and cluster for future decision making.

Conversational user experience

Triumfo allows you to augment end customer experience through conversational interface such as chat bots and virtual assistant. Customer can converse without any delay with the chat bot instead of waiting for a customer representative to arrive. The routine problems can be address easily using AI/Machine Learning solutions.

Cognitive Engagement

Our cognitive engagement solution consists of incoming request of customers, product display, choices, stock availability, billing & accounting communication, tech support for immediate escalation of matters.

Data Mining

Using systematical statistical approach and algorithm, we can mine humongous amount of data to derive correlation between different factors affecting business performance. Organization with huge amount of data can use our data mining solutions for studying trend pattern and behavior of customers.

Robotic process automation

Allocating human resource for repetitive and mundane task is not a wise strategy. Our robotic process automation solution can help you to save the cost associated with additional resource. Predictable task can be automatized with rule based algorithm and reengineer processing.

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