Cloud Services


Place your organization at cusp of cutting edge innovation with Cloud service technology. Migrating to cloud can save the cost of physical infrastructure. Scaling can be done much more easily and the flexibility offered is awesome. Triumfo specializes in providing AWS (Amazon web services), GCP (Google cloud platform) and Azure cloud services for competitive edge in a cut throat business environment. By managing provisions in public, private and hybrid cloud environments, business processes can be managed seamlessly and efficiently.

Our team is quite adept at delivering service essential like database management, visualization, application development and architecture solution like application scalability, load balancing, file storage, security, clarity and consistency.

Cloud Computing Service Providers

We possess the capability to host applications on AWS (Amazon web services), GCP (Google cloud platform) and Azure platform.


Cloud application development

Triumfo possess the capability and skills to develop and deliver world class cloud application for enterprise. Application built on cloud allows greater flexibility and scalability without affecting the current network infrastructure. The application is implemented with execution of highly secured back end languages like Python, ASP.Net core, PHP etc.

Amazon, Google and Azure cloud deployment

To reap the complete benefits of Amazon, Google and Azure cloud based application, get in touch with us. Our team of experts can smoothly integrate the require cloud platform to your network. Once deployed, your organization will experience the efficiency and novelty of cloud services in a very short span of time.

Cloud migration Services

Our proven track record in cloud migration service helps you in switching to a different cloud platform. This is a very common scenario once the cloud services are deployed and operational. As the size and scale of business increases, need may arise for a different cloud platform services. Triumpho is always there to fulfill your needs.

Support & Maintenance

We understand the requirement of aftersales services. As such, there is a dedicated in-house team to look after prevailing networks or design. We can also customize new environments to meet your changing business requirements. We support public, private and hybrid clouds as well as on premise infrastructure.

Cloud application testing

Testing constitutes an important part of our cloud application development process. So, we conducts exhaustive test that basically involves functionality testing, thorough code reviewing, load testing and much more.

Cloud Security

Security is a big issue in any network infrastructure. To make your cloud application fool-proof, we integrate enterprise grade security software to your cloud application.

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Handling physical IT infrastructure can be a drain on the financial and human resources. Adopt cloud services and experience the change.