Internet of Things


Internet of things has become a buzzword for businesses. From offices and homes to industries and businesses, it can be seen everywhere. Seamless communication is the hall mark of IoT. Triumfo as a leading IoT service provider unlock the value proposition of IoT for our customers. We can help you to design, develop and deliver end to end IoT solutions. Choose us to integrate and transform business processes while connecting and scaling with efficiency.

With our team of subject matter expert, we are uniquely positioned to add business value, reduce operational & maintenance cost and enhance efficiency.

Internet of Things (IoT) service providers

We are one of the leading Internet of things companies providing range of IoT solutions for customers and clients.

Recommended Solutions

Supply chain solutions

An efficient supply chain is the dream of all businesses. We can help you achieve that by zooming in on a route plan and allocating delivery vehicles. End to end supply chain solution success begins at the onset.

Anomaly Identification

We use latest tools and techniques that uses statistical, supervised and artificially intelligent algorithm to automate any event of aberration. With advance algorithm in place, chances of human error is almost nil.

Engagement platform for developers

Our engagement platforms for developers can provide you a method to socialize API, communicate, create and enlighten.

Why you should choose IoT

Our IoT platform built by subject matter experts will automate your business workload significantly. We bring to our customer the best of technology offering.

Early validation of business problem

IoT solutions developed by our in-house team allows you to build a proof of concept prototype early. The duration taken s in weeks instead of months. Place the prototype in your customer hand and collect feedback at the earliest. Businesses can leverage the early feedback data to your advantage.

Quick Market Research

Once the business problem is validated at an early stage, the probability of reaching the market at an early stage is much higher. After tasting the prototype customers are willing to try new product. Product rolling comes with its own set of problems like fault handling, cloud scalability and product manufacturing. It requires multi-level communication. Thankfully, you have our IoT solutions with in-built mechanism and support for all the processes.

Value rich customized features

Your business might require some customized value adding features. We are always up to the challenge. Some of our value rich features are long range, unattended networking, device management, user management, billing and ease of installment.

Reduce risks and costs

Many recent studies have shown that IoT projects can be quite risky. As many as 75% of all the IoT projects fail. We understand the risk factor. As such, our team has developed IoT platform to reduce the risks and cost associated.

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Streamline business processes, increase efficiency of existing system with IoT. IoT solutions can be applied across any departments of organization.