Support & Maintenance Services


Every time your customers log into mobile or web app, they expect some new and exciting features. Besides, any interruption on your app services may permanently dilute your brand image. Hence, it makes sense to hire a company that provides 24*7 support & maintenance services. We take great pride in offering our support and maintenance service to our esteemed list of customers. Support and maintenance is required with respect to continuous security updates, feature & functionality updating or design change. To provide the necessary support and maintenance services, our team may have to slightly alter the code at the backend even after the application is operational.

We offer unmatched support and maintenance services for a variety of applications which has been listed below:

Support & Maintenance Services

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General support services

We efficiently handle general support services. The general support could be in the form of temporary stoppage of app operation, checkout page issue, product page description and visibility, navigation issue and many more. Our representatives are available round the clock to listen to your needs and address the problem for resolution.

Mobile app upgrade support

Continuous upgrade to mobile app is vital to keep up with the latest customer’s trend. You certainly don’t want to be left behind your competitors. Our team of experts can be reached instantly with the desired requirements. Besides, we are also pro-active in our support approach. We regularly suggest appropriate updates and changes.

App monitoring support

Constant monitoring of apps are required to ensure uninterrupted operation. Our support team is there to help you with identifying denigrating code, factory settings, crashing issue monitoring, feedback monitoring and many more issue that may hamper normal operation.

Mobile app improvement support

Improvement can be made to existing applications to make it faster, efficient and user friendly. We provide top notch mobile app development support in terms of performance improvement, feature extension, script migration and server end amendment.

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