Travel & Hospitality


Customers are more connected and empowered in travel & hospitality industry than any other industry.

The industry consists of Aviation, hotel & lodges, tours & travels, car rental services, resorts & vacations. One common thing among the component of this industry is the evaluation on customer experience parameters. A customer spends considerable amount of time while travelling or staying in a hotel. The whole brand experience is judged based on experience mapping. Identifying the needs for a holistic and delightful customer experience, we have developed solutions for travel & hospitality industry.

Leveraging the latest technology, we provide best solution in terms of effectiveness, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, revenue generation and brand building process. We pay a great focus on tech-driven customer engagement and experience. Our solutions make sure that end customer experience is remains a memorable one.

Education and Travel & Hospitality development Services

Our endeavor is to bolster organization security with the development of Travel & Hospitality software and time attendance tracking applications to eliminate the risk of hacking and unexpected intrusion. Our Travel & Hospitality software development services.

Our Recommended Solutions

Contextual search solution

This is one of the unique ways to serve your customer in a personalized way. Based on customer data, the site offers a personalized option of filling the journey information to the last details. Like, customer will get an option to book a taxi once he/she alights the flight from point A to B. Similarly based on context, other customers can also choose from options offered to them.

Business analytics solutions

Data is the new oil. The deeper and faster you mine will decide the fate of your marketing and promotional plan. Our analytical solutions using advanced algorithm of tools like AI/Machine Learning to derive meaningful business insights for data-based decision making. Success of any marketing and promotional campaign primarily depend on how fast pattern, segments and clusters can be derived from the historical data.

Dynamic packaging and personalization solution

Connected travelers plan every minute details of their trip from flight booking to hotels, cab, excursion, etc. They are also open for a dynamic change to their trip considering the right deal is offered. Our dynamic packaging and personalization solution have the capabilities to offer varieties of personalized options based on emotional, psychological and personal traits of customers.

Beacon based hospitality solutions

Our beacon-based hospitality solutions allows for keyless entry and digital check in. This sis to ensure that there is minimal delay in serving our customers. Some of the other highlights of the solutions are location- based message, special offer notifications, self-guided tour, seamless check-in and many more. We aim and endeavor to wow your customer with a focus on tech-driven innovation.

Consulting solution

Besides, the actual delivery of a particular solution, we also offer our consultancy solution. You conceive a plan, but not very sure about its actual planning and execution. We can offer our consultancy services in such a scenario to clear any confusion or ambiguity about the future.

Online school management solution

As a matter of fact, the entire work processes of schools, colleges and universities can be migrated to digital solutions. From attendance management to course preparation, classroom lectures, paper evaluation, result publication and finally parents-teachers meeting can be handled from one signal centralized platform.

Why choose us?

  • Easy management: Our digital solution will consume less effort in maintaining the customer and employee base. With customer data available on a single platform there is a greater chance of smooth management.
  • Customer centric solution: Our solutions are conceived and designed keeping in mind the end users experience. Connected travelers are a great source of revenue and our solution endeavors to tap the existing market.
  • Seamless integration: we can install and implement our solution completely from the scratch or integrate it with the existing one. Integration is seamless and productive.
  • 24*7 customer service: We believe in servicing our customer with utmost sincerity. As such we are available 24*7 on chat or e-mail for addressing major and minor problems